Thursday, March 20, 2014

Hannah Adamaszek: Artist + Muse

This hidden gem of an artist popped up on my radar a couple months ago, and has since been nothing short of confirming that fate is real and active. As soon as I saw her work and we got the chance to talk, Hannah and I knew we were at the start of something good. I'm in love with the way she captures the familiar essence of a bohemian beauty, letting inspirational words and breathtaking muses filter through her process creating huge pieces that live in the moment and make you feel alive. To give you guys a more personal insight on why I'm so taken with this girl and her talent, I asked Hannah for a quick interview about her work and how through the use of different mediums she has truly become an artist of our time.
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Name: Hannah Adamaszek

Where you call home? At the moment, Crawley, West Sussex in UK.

Which came first: the painting, graphite drawings, or street art? How did/have they individually evolved from each other?
Drawing came first, it was something I really enjoyed when I was at college. We used to use a lot of charcoal in life drawing sessions. From there I moved onto painting. It was a real challenge compared to drawing. Using colour was something that didn't come naturally to me and I painted a lot in black an white. Through collaborating with different artists I've learnt more about colour. The street art came about from wanting to paint bigger. At home there is only so big I can paint and I enjoy it the bigger it gets. Each medium has slowly started to come together. I'm experimenting at adding some of my pencil lines to my paintings.

How do you get inspired to create? Are there any pre/post-art rituals that you follow?
I don't know what I did before Pinterest, but I'm using it everyday to find new inspiration. I try to decide on a feeling or some shapes or colours that I want to include in the next work, so make different boards that will help me. Its just like creating a virtual mood board. I generally don't sketch first, as I find it looses some of its soul when I go on to draw/paint it a second time around. Nature is a big influence too. I'm often outside getting inspiration from different shapes or colours that appear. Quite often I research and read to find quotes that match what I am trying to convey in my work. This helps to focus me when I find the painting is becoming lost.

Your art is inspired by an idea of balance that is very prevalent in the world and society today. Would you mind giving us more insight as to what exactly that is and your biggest muses?
I attempt to capture the feeling of being in my paintings, a state of mind where the beauty and timelessness of the world come into sharp focus. Its about living in the moment. Coryn Madley is a huge inspiration, I love how she styles everything. I generally don't paint any person in particular, but would love to paint Kelley Ash or Erin Wasson one day, they have that energy about them that I want my paintings to have.

Guilty pleasure: It has to be chocolate, I can never say no.

When you're not painting, what is a typical day like?
I love the outside, when I'm not painting I'm often found out running or biking in the forests. It would be a dream to live in the mountains with an art studio, running in the summer and skiing in the winter.

You've also had the opportunity to travel with your art. Where's the most interesting place you been?
I love to travel and its one of the best things about being an artist. Last year I got to take part in 'Art on Snow' which was held in a mountain village in Austria. It was beautiful there and an amazing place to work in. I also loved Berlin which is a huge creative place.

Best advice that you can share?
Don't give up and don't conform, paint or create what you want and not what the masses are asking for.

Saturday, February 15, 2014


Dazed & Confused photographer Lea Colombo graces the blog again! Hot of the internet press, a dreamy glance of Marc Jacobs, who beautifully closed NYFW yesterday. It was a mixture of mystery and destiny, blank pages saying everything, clouds with no rain. It was a much softer version of Jacobs we've seen especially in comparison to his closing show for Louis Vuitton last season, but a welcomed vision nonetheless. Of course, everyone's been gabbing about a braless Kendall Jenner, but I personally thought it was a pretty seamless intervention. In stride with a heavily concentrated focus on his personal brand, Jacobs really seemed to capture a streamlined vision of what I hope to be my future with pale cashmere and ghostly gauzes.


I've been a fan of Kesler Trans' work for longer than I can count on my fingers or toes now, so it goes without saying that his most recent shoot has found a special place in my heart. He usually works on a traditional scale of high contrast black and white, but what's gotten me all shaken up over this shoot is the super dreamy production with a purposeful light leak effect that romanticizes and adds such a sultry appeal. 

New recipe: this post + the previous = the perfect dish to send you into sea-bound mania.

Friday, February 14, 2014


I just found out I'm most likely kicking off my summer in Hawaii for a week and it's got me revved up hotter than the spring sun on winter skin. Here in LA, summer has not-so-subtly been peeking it's head around the corner saying, "Hello, is it me you're looking for?" While I'm not falling for it just yet, it has made me a bit wistful to say the least. I'm lucky enough to have the beach at my disposal, but with all that's going on with school and the new collection, I hardly get to take advantage of it- which is why I'm going to live vicariously through this post until I can say aloha to some sand. 

(All images found via my Tumblr + Polyvore)


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